Bushcraft products

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Materials and proces

The wood we use is dried in an oven for several days. This to make sure there is no moisture left in the blocks during stabilisation. Using a vacuum chamber, we then immerse the block in stabilisation fluid for several days.

After all the air has been pulled out we release the vacuum pressure and let it soak for at least 2 days . Some types of wood need extra days under vacuum pressure simply because of the wood’s density. In this way we make sure the fluid reaches all the way to the core of these blocks.

To finalise the proces of stabilisation the blocks are put into a heated oven. We then sand the blocks up to 400 grit. Our supply and stock is variabel therefore no 2 blocks are the same. Please keep in mind that we don’t produce large quantities of blocks. We work with what nature provides for us. Please be sure to check our stock frequently.

Recent craftworks

In our webshop you will find materials which we have used many years; for example in creating knife handles. To be certain our products meet our quality standards, some of the blocks are not sold but used to make knife handles or other products. These products can be found in the Craftwork section of the webshop.