About Me


How bushcraft became a part of my life

I have always been attracted to the outdoors. When I was a kid I would spend my days behind my fishing rods, watching wildlife rather than socialising or attending school.

After many decades of fishing as a hobby, I lost most of my drive to catch fish in itself, but changed into an excuse for being in the outdoors .

My father was always rummaging around the house, making woodwork, welding, and things like that. I used to watch him and learn from him. Doing so, I adapted my love for bushcraft and skilled handwork.

A bushcraft friend put me in touch with a blacksmith who was willing to teach me some knife making skills. From there on it went rather quickly. Nowadays it’s more than a hobby that supplies a counter balance between the office work I do for a living.

As many people heard about my new hobby, I had gotten a hold of more wood and steel than I could ever use in the next ten years, for knife making alone. And for this reason the Hayuka webshop has made its’ debut.